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For as long as I can remember, I have possessed a love for our furry friends. At the age of 12, when my family got our first puppy, I was the one who  made sure he was cared for and well loved. He slept in my room where we played and cuddled. We went on long, adventurous hikes and were best buddies. After moving out of my family home and living on my own, I would notice all the forgotten dogs left out in the cold, wintery weather.  So, of course, I would take them in, feed and warm them.  The problem is when they all wanted to sleep with me on my twin-sized bed, they would "grrr" at each other to claim their space. It was very crowded!  Since then, I have owned many animals and loved them all.  Today, that spirit continues as I keep an eye open for lost or distressed dogs.  My family and I have rescued many, returning them to their grateful families.  When we found that one was abandoned and had no family, we decided to keep her: a playful jack russell.  She has become an energetic and fun part of the family.  


Many families have come to know and trust me to take excellent care of their pets. I am completely dependable and can provide many references.  I understand the importance of having a sense of peace while you are away.  Here, your pet is considered part of our family.  I look forward to hearing from you and learning about your particular needs!

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